Property Tax Protest FAQ

No. We have lost protests in front of the ARB, where no reduction was awarded, and no appeal was pursued. Over the past 4 years, we have failed to achieve a reduction in value 14 times. We have never had a property get an increase in value during a protest.

In dollar terms, we achieved a $2,342,221 reduction on a residence that was initially valued at $8,774,430. In percentage terms, we achieved a 49.5% reduction on a home initially valued at $1,089,000 which was reduced to $550,000 at the ARB.

We can help you with a commercial property protest. Q-Solutions was founded to help residential property owners, and that is who we market our services to. However, because of our success with residential property protests, we have acquired some commercial property accounts as well.

Our fee is 25% of the tax savings you get as a result of our work. On the annual value notice you receive, there is a section on it that describes your estimated property taxes based on the proposed value given to your property. When the protest is over, we re-calculate your new estimated taxes based on the reduced value we achieved from the protest. Take the difference between those two values, multiply that figure by 0.25, and that is our fee. If we do not achieve a tax savings for you, then you pay nothing.

Not at all. Your property’s taxable value has no impact on its actual market value.

You are able to appoint us as your agent for property tax matters at anytime. However, there is a deadline each year in which your protest must be filed. If you have already filed your protest, you may then appoint us as your agent, and we can represent you in front of the ARB. If you missed the deadline to file a protest, then the appointment will be active and ready to be put to use the next year’s protest season.

In almost every situation, we will not need to come to your house to in order to present a very compelling protest for a reduced value. However, if your property has any special characteristics (i.e. cracked foundation or walls, very unusual wear and tear, etc), then we may ask you to provide pictures of such which can be used at the protest hearing.

No. This will depend on the appraisal district’s value placed on your home in subsequent years and the potential evidence which could point to a reduction in that value. Ultimately, the decision to protest or not is up to you. However, property values will trend higher over time, and future protests will be required in order to limit the increases assessed to you.

I have always been a big James Bond fan. Agent Q was the person who always equipped James Bond with the special gadgets and other tools he would use to successfully complete his missions. The Q-Solution is my expertise of learning seldom used laws which benefit homeowners and then finding the necessary information to be able to effectively use those laws to argue for significant property tax value reductions.

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