Your assessed property value may not be accurate!

Why Protest Your Tarrant Property Taxes?

A county appraisal district has 2 responsibilities:

1) to appraise property in the district

2) to process property tax exemptions.

Most appraisal districts use something called “mass appraisal techniques” to appraise your property’s value. Mass appraisal involves many calculations and using many, many assumptions in order to arrive at an appraised value. When comparing these mass appraised values to actual, real market values only about 1.6% of properties are valued correctly. Even expanding the criteria for an acceptable appraisal to be within +/- 5% of real market value, most appraisal districts fail to get within this relaxed standard approximately 45% of the time.

In short, many of your fellow taxpaying property owners are paying less than their fair share of property taxes (not by their own doing, but because of the appraisal district’s actions). Texas courts have ruled it is unfair and unconstitutional to ask one landowner to pay property taxes disproportionately to other landowners. 

It is likely that you are paying a disproportionately high amount of property tax compared to others. Let Q-Solutions fight for you to pay only your fair share of property tax.

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